Scenery challenge – the vote


Way back in October the scenery challenge started and it ran for a good few months so that those entering could really spend some time on their constructions. The challenge closed back in March, and I’m very sorry that we haven’t got the vote up online until now (due to admins moving house and having no internet).

Below you will find the finished scenery pieces and a short description of each, part of the challenge was to produce a WIP and there are links to where you can find these for each entry, so you can really see what went into each one. I recommend having a read through of these, or at least a scroll through before you vote.

More people entered than finished, so there are only two entries below.

Entry A: Necromunda Scenery Redux

Entry A: Necromunda Scenery Redux

For my entry for the scenery challenge, I decided to revamp my old Necromunda scenery. A lot of the card sections are getting a bit beat up now and I dread packing and unpacking for games now, lest it fall to pieces!!

So I’ve set about rebuilding it to make it much more durable…and hopefully a bit more eyecatching too.

Click to read the full WIP.

Entry B: Modular Scenery

Entry B: Modular Terrain

The basic idea is to have a large fixed board (or boards) underneath, and then small boards on top that can be re-arranged to make the scenery desired.
I’ve managed to make enough terrain to cover an 8×4 foot board – but I’ve only space to set out a 6×4 board at home.

Click to read the full WIP.

Ready to vote?

You’ve seen the finished entries and read the WIPS, so now it’s time to vote – use our simple form.

It’d be great if you could confirm your vote by adding a comment to this page.

The results will appear on this site in a week or so’s time.


10 Responses to “Scenery challenge – the vote”

  1. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    Voting has now closed – results will be published soon.

  2. Steve Says:


  3. Karolina Lament Says:

    voted! good luck lads ^^

  4. Krystian Krawczynski Says:

    VOTED! i like both sceneries!

  5. Liam Tondeur Says:

    Voted. Some good ideas here I’m gonna pinch!

  6. warhammergrimace Says:

    I’ve voted

  7. joey dixon Says:

    voted ed amazing job bro
    dave loved ur idea as well
    man this will b a ruff one

  8. Shane McElligott Says:

    Voted. Really liked both for very different reasons!

  9. tedward81 Says:

    Voted. Thanks Dave, same goes to you.

  10. Dave B Says:

    I’ve voted. A very nice piece of scenery, Ed! 🙂 Thanks for the positive feedback and encouragement during the build!

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