Gunslinger – Entries


The April painting challenge theme is: Gunslinger, and with less than a week left, I’m hoping you’re all at the finishing off stage.

Tall Gunslinger by Monkeyworks on Flickr used under Creative Commons license

When your entry is finished, please post a comment on this thread that includes:

  • the title of your entry
  • a link to a photo of your entry
  • a short description of your entry (try to include the manufacturer of the model, any conversion work you did, anything new you tried out on the model etc.)

The deadline for entries is 6pm, Friday 30th April, and after that the entries will be readied for voting.


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8 Responses to “Gunslinger – Entries”

  1. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    OK – no more entries now folks! Some very last minute sneaky entries – but great to have 5 members taking part this month.

    Voting will be set up shortly.

  2. Ricalope Jesson Says:

    Here he is, (I hope he is on time)…

    April’s Painting challenge I decided to convert one of my drop-vets to fit the bill. On his back is a grav-chute made of plasticard and guitar wire, the rest of him is scattered Imperial Guard bitz.

  3. Dave B Says:

    Guess I might be a bit late for this comp, but I’ll post my photo, anyway 🙂

    15mm Cowboys, from Peter Pig (I think). But I couldn’t decide which one to paint, so I painted a dozen of them!

  4. tedward81 Says:

    Sorry chaps but I never got around to finishing the base. Best of luck to everyone.

  5. Alan Morey Says:

    GW Space Adventurer, influenced by a certain Dr Jones I suspect!

    Photo’s a bit shiny I’m afraid, done in a hurry. Painted in a singe evening (except undercoating) with a mix of layering, washes and drybrushing.

  6. Liam Tondeur Says:

    Blaen the Subjugator!/photo.php?pid=5248138&id=504302188

    It is based around the GW Huron Blackheart mini but using standard Chaos backpack and arms. Gave him two different boltpistols to give the impression that they are trophies. This is the first time I have tried to use gold on my minis and is why I chose the Black Legion as my chosen Chaos Legion. It is also the first mini I have done that is predominately black.

  7. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    a much better photo this time round Joey – best of luck!

  8. joey dixon Says:

    the true first fallen angel Cypher

    games workshop
    added a dark angels symbol to his chain holding the robe other then that its the basic model painted him in pre hersey dark angel black but gave him a green wash and green highlights to suggest that over the years he has seen the new armor color the base is the brass eagle floor plate from the urban basing kit with a free hand chaos star drawn on

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