Road Warrior – the challenge


The May painting challenge theme is: Road Warrior

This theme probably conjures up images of a much younger Mel Gibson – but what else?

Themes are open to interpretation, so it’s really up to you how you tackle the challenge. Remember though, other members will be scoring your entry for style and theme, so it’s worth making sure it’s obvious without any supporting information – not always as easy as it sounds.

The Road Warrior by MacQ on Flickr via Creative Commons license

You can prep your challenge piece early, but you can’t start painting until Saturday May 1st, and with a bank holiday weekend for UK members, it’s not a bad time to get some painting done.

The deadline is Sunday May 30th – so not quite the end of the month.

Road Warrior

The Australian movie, Mad Max 2 back in 1981 was also known as The Road Warrior in some countries. It starred Mel Gibson featured hot arid, post-apocalyptic landscape, western references and converted vehicles – especially bikes. Characters wore a lot of leather and featured chains and piercings.

Keeping with these trains, here is some inspiration for your entry…

First up is Orkira – a model that picked up a trophy or two at Salute in London during April.

Orkira by PrawnPower

Although, a play on the Anime film, Akira, this piece totally fits the Road Warrior theme, with it’s highway base, converted bike and weathered look.

Next up is another Games Workshop conversion – but remember ANY MANUFACTURER is allowed in our challenges. This is a Road Warrior Rhino Conversion from a good few years back.

Road Warrior Rhino Conversion by SaintRigger

The miniatures from the Brutal range have often reminded me of the Mad Max films – the post apocalypic nature of the game tapping into the films’ narrative.

Di-sector class fighter from Brutal

You can see that your entry could be a vehicle OR a single figure quite easily (units, dioramas or pieces of scenery are also allowed) – but what about setting the scene?

Post apocalyptic

Get the look right and you’re half way there, the PA look is about somewhere where something terrible has happened, and the landscape and people have barely survived or surviving. Gone are the lush fields and trees, in their place is dust and ruin.

This is considered to be a sci-fi genre – set in the future, although after a world changing event technology is often reduced or non-existent and historical and fantasy references are used to depict the people and vehicles. They are usually scavengers, so clothing and equipment is hand made, pieced together roughly or falling apart due to age.

Films often over-exposure their footage (or add this effect in later) to create a bleached out look, often increasing the sense of heat – as the future is usually depicted as hot and dry.

Your entry

Try out some weathering techniques, make some conversions and really go to town with your entry.

Have some fun – I can’t wait to see what you have ready for the end of May.


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