Gunslinger -the vote


It’s time to score and comment on the entries for the April painting challenge, where the theme was: Gunslinger.

Please take the time to look at each entry below, then go to the voting form and score each entry out 10 for how it suits the theme, Gunslinger, and out of 10 for style.

Entry A: The true first fallen angel,  Cypher

Entry A: Cypher 28mm

Entry B:Blaen the Subjugator

Entry B: Blaen the Subjugator 28mm

Entry C: Space Adventurer

Entry C: Space Adventurer 28mm

Entry D: 15mm Cowboys

Entry D: 15mm scale Cowboys

Entry E: Drop Vet

Entry E: Converted Drop Vet 28mm

Ok that’s all 5 entries -now it’s time for you to vote. Click here to use our voting form.

Please confirm your vote by commenting on this thread below.

Remember – the May painting challenge has just started, and the theme is Road Warrior  – click here to find out more and if you haven’t already voted for the scenery challenge – why not take a minute to see the entries?


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16 Responses to “Gunslinger -the vote”

  1. Mark stanton Says:

    have voted

  2. tedward81 Says:

    Voted, best of luck guys!

  3. Alan Morey Says:

    Voted, good luck everyone, nice to see a variety of interpretations. @Dave B, I wasn’t at the time, but now you mention it… 🙂

  4. Ian Goadsby Says:

    voted, all good paint jobs

  5. Robert Hodder Says:

    have voted

  6. Karolina Lament Says:


  7. Krystian Krawczynski Says:

    voted! good luck lads! i like all entries…

  8. Ricalope Jesson Says:

    <-voted. Awesome entries, good luck everyone!

  9. Shane McElligott Says:


  10. Isaac Stovell Says:

    voted. I’m looking forward to the end of exam season, I’ve not painted anything for ages!

  11. Isaac Stovell Says:

    voted. really looking forward to end of exam season, I’ve not painted anything for ages!

  12. Dave B Says:


    Is Alan aware he’s painted a superb characature of Jason? 😀

  13. kai nolan Says:


  14. joey dixon Says:

    voted its good to see more then just three people enter

  15. Jason Hubbard Says:

    Voted, best of luck to all who entered.

  16. Liam Tondeur Says:

    Voted. Best of luck, looking forward to seeing the comments!

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