Scenery challenge – the results


The voting has closed for the scenery challenge, and I’m sure our two competitors have been waiting with bated breath for the outcome.

As there are only two entries, I’ve listed both the results and the feedback in this post, but first the results…

The scores for Usefullness and Style were added up and divided by the number of voters to create an overall score out of 20.

  • Entry A : Necromunda Redux  13.3
  • Entry B: Modular Terrain           14.3 <–1st

Entry B: Modular Terrain - winner of the scenery challenge

Congratulations to Dave Barker with his winning scenery – Entry B: Modular Terrain.

Here is the breakdown for Usefullness:

  • Entry A  6.4
  • Entry B 7.7 <–1st

Here is the breakdown for Style:

  • Entry B 6.6
  • Entry A 6.9 <–1st


This challenge has some fantastic prizes donated by Scotia Grendel, so Dave Barker will be receiving a Dwarf Tower and a Dwarf Gateway in the post shortly, and Ed Nicholson can expect a pack of blast craters and some oil drums – hopefully these will go well with your new scenery. (Please get in touch with your address!)

Dwarf Tower from Grendel

Oil drums from Grendel

Well done both of you.


Here’s the feedback that was left for each entry on the voting forms.

Entry A: Necromunda Redux

  • A nice necromunda rebuild 🙂  Looks suitable for most necromunda games and I like the slightly ramshackle nature of the piece, as well as the detailing and the colouring of the whole piece.
    I don’t think I get what the lipped base is doing for the model, though, but still a great piece of scenery!!
  • I’d like this myself
  • great job ed but could have used a better pic but other then that i would have my army fight it
  • Fits the underhive theme well and good use of various bits and gubbins

Entry B: Modular Terrain

  • Good way to make a gaming bored as I reckon it can be stored with the minimum of fuss. Definitely an idea I will steal.
  • love the idea of modular tiles reminds me of dungeun tiles from d&d hella of an idea thou
  • The modular idea is excellent and gives great variety with the set up
  • Full marks for usefulness…can’t play a game without a board lol! High marks for style but it would have been nicer with fully modelled roads instead of printoffs….can’t fault it too much though as it is a grand job!

So much work went into these entries, and the ones that weren’t finished. It’s a real shame more people didn’t vote (or take part!) but I hope you’ll get involved in the future.


3 Responses to “Scenery challenge – the results”

  1. Liam Tondeur Says:

    Well done to both of you. I did not have time to finish my entry but if there’s another I hope you two will enter again!

  2. tedward81 Says:

    Well I had left a comment earlier but wasn’t logged in so if it’s pending please just ignore it.

    Thanks Dave, it was really close wasn’t it….especially as we both had such differing entries! Congratulations mate, it’s obvious a lot of work went into the design of your board and you get full kudos for that!

    In response to the feedback about the lipped base on my entry… was made out of an old paint palette as I’m a big fan of building terrain out of junk and cheap materials. Bugger paying for FW or GW pieces when you can make something just as effective out of old tat and rubbish 😉

  3. Dave B Says:

    Well done, Ed! Looks like you ran me really close on this one, and I wasn’t expecting to win!

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