Gunslinger the feedback


The votes are in, but before the results here is the feedback that has been left by members on each entry for the April painting challenge.

Not many members voted this time around which is a shame – hopefully more of you will get involved with voting for the May challenge later this month.

Big thanks to all those that took the time to check out the entries, vote and comment.
Remember – all comments are friendly and helpful, our no meanness policy prevents unnecessary commenting.

Entry A: Cypher

  • Classic miniature, the original 40k gunslinger! Tastefully completed although the reds, in my opinion, are too bright.
  • Wouldn’t have been my first thought for a gunslinger, but Cypher matches the theme pretty well! 🙂 His black armour is a little flat and would benefit from a little highlighting with dark grey, but his skin and his base are excellent!!
  • Love the base
  • This model came to mind when I heard the challenge title, so glad to see it entered!  Some of the colours could have done with a bit more shade and highlight, but I like the weathering at the base of the robe, something easily missed! And the face is nicely shaded. Overall? Nice work!
  • well painted and i like the detail on the hood and the base

Entry B: Subjugator

  • love the base well done
  • Didn’t really say gunslinger to me….just looks like a csm to me (sorry). The paintwork is very nice though.
  • Nice pose, as if he’s stalking the ruins.  I can’t help but find that big backpack distracting, but maybe that’s a taste thing.  Great work with the base, sets it off nicely.
  • Really dramatic pose…advancing on the misguided followers of the False Emperor, guns blazing.
  • Nice work on this piece.  The scenic base is excellent and has just the right amount of detail on it and lots of little bits of detail picked out on the CSM really make him! Great work!

Entry C: Space Adventurer

  • Interesting character and painted to a good standard. Some more work could have been done on the base though.
  • Very Harrison Ford in Space, cool.
  • I really like this chap. Lots of the textures on his clothing are really natural, making his clothes look like he’s worn them – and that white shirt looks like a white shirt!! 🙂 Base is nicely complimentary in detail, too and his weapon looks steely and functional.
    If I was picky I’d point out that the highlight on his belt is a little bit too stark, but this is more than made up for by the fact that the miniature is a brilliant likeness of Jason Hubbard!! 🙂
  • I know this isn’t up to your usual standard Alan but as a speed painted mini he’s really pretty good. High marks for both theme and style (and an extra style point for getting him looking like Jason lol).
  • the white on the shirt is very well done

Entry D: 15mm Cowboys

  • wow just wow
  • I think this entry is definitely in keeping with the gunslinger theme…..let down a little bit on the painting side, but they are damn small so…….
    There’s also a whole load of them so extra points for that 🙂
  • What can I say?  Definitely gunslingers!
  • man they must have been difficult to paint that small
  • At last someone has done Cowboys, the iconic image of a gunslinger.
  • Interesting miniatures and well suited for the theme

Entry E: Drop Vet

  • Dynamic pose and well painted. Very nice to look at. Nice layering but contrasts too much in some places.
  • What can I say but very nice and fits well to the theme, a sci-fi gunslinger.
  • Very nice conversion of a miniature and superbly well painted!! I’d recommend trying to blend those highlights a little more, but that’s being super-critical!!
  • Just epic in every sense….incredibly evocative piece.
  • More John Woo than John Wayne; a novel pose and sharp paintjob!  For me it maybe needs a focal point though?
  • This my overall favourite. There’s enough dynamism in the pose to suggest that he’s a real badass with that pistol and the paintwork, although hard to see in the pic, is very good.
  • very well thought out and painted

So that’s the feedback, results will be posted shortly!


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One Response to “Gunslinger the feedback”

  1. joey dixon Says:

    thanks everyone for their comments yes the black was flat but the dark green i used to highlight the armor to give it the changing of the times didnt work as well as i thought it would
    yeah i should have toned the reds down with a black wash but i was going for a change of seasons if u will i was taking elements from all eras of dark angels history

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