Gunslinger the results


So, you’ve read the feedback, now it’s time to see the scores.

When we ask you to vote, we actually ask you to score each entry out of a total 20 points; 10 for how well the entry suits the theme – which in April was Gunslinger, and 10 points for style.

Painting challenges are not a ‘best painted mini’ competition, they are a personal challenge for each and everyone who enters. It takes a lot of courage sometimes to post your work to be scored by other people, but here at Sheffield Irregulars we have a ‘no meanness’ policy. This means we don’t encourage people to slag off anothers work. If you’ve taken the time to paint something, you should have pride in your work – and other people should respect that.

Each month we run a painting challenge to encourage you to try something new, to push yourself a little bit more than usual when you’re painting, and the themes make you think a little differently about approach each piece.

In April the theme was Gunslinger, and 5 members took up the challenge and presented their entries, which have been commented on and scored.

The points for each entry are totalled and then divided by the number of voters, creating an average score. The entrant with the highest overall score will receive a Merit Award trophy for their efforts – this is sponsored by Jonathan Shaw of BMF painting.

And so, the overall scores for this challenge :

  • Entry A: Cypher – 13.05
  • Entry B: Subjugator – 13.82
  • Entry C: Space Adventurer – 13.33 (3rd)
  • Entry D: 15mm Cowboys – 14 (2nd)
  • Entry E: Drop Vet – 15.23 (1st)

Entry E: Converted Drop Vet 28mm - winner of the April painting challenge

So the winner of the April painting challenge is Ricalope Jesson with his converted Drop Vet. Congratulations! Please get in touch with Rebecca Hubbard to arrange for you to receive your trophy.

Below are the breakdowns for theme and style.

Scores by theme:

  • Entry A: Cypher – 6.70
  • Entry B: Subjugator – 6.70
  • Entry C: Space Adventurer – 7.05
  • Entry E: Drop Vet – 7.47
  • Entry D: 15mm Cowboys – 7.52 <–1st

Scores by style:

  • Entry A: Cypher – 6.35
  • Entry D: 15mm Cowboys – 6.47
  • Entry C: Space Adventurer – 6.82
  • Entry B: Subjugator – 7.11
  • Entry E: Drop Vet – 7.76 <– 1st

Well done to all who entered, so great work there.

As you well know, the May painting challenge is underway and the theme is Road Warrior. The deadline is Sunday May 30th, so plenty of time to get something painted to enter – remember it must be painted this month!


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