Road Warrior Entries


There’s a week left till the end of the May painting challenge – Road Warrior theme.

If you’ve finished your entry, please post a comment below including:

  • link to photo of finished entry
  • title of your entry (keep ’em reasonably short though!)
  • short description of what you did, what you learnt, who the manufacturer is etc

The deadline is 6pm Sunday May 30th (that’s London time) – after that the voting form will be set up.

If you enter you must vote!

Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with for this one – there are have been some great WIPs floating around the net.


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3 Responses to “Road Warrior Entries”

  1. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    Only two entries? Oh well – battle it out boys!

  2. Mr_Wigg Says:

    Phew! finished in time!

    (sorry they’re not in a collage, don’t have photoshop and i couldn’t find anything else in time 😦 )
    Haven’t given much thought to a title, so i’ll just go with ‘Airbourne Reconnaisance’ as he’s a recce/despatch rider in the style of my WIP Imperial Guard drop troops
    The Conversion is something i’ve been wanting to do for a while, its made from a GW Dark Eldar jetbike, old heavy weapon team wheels and a Cadian guardsmen with a SotTR gasmask head, plus a fair amount of greenstuff and random baggage pieces
    What have i learnt? I need more greenstuff practice, worn leather is fun to paint, and next time don’t leave off painting until the day i’m supposed to submit my entry!

  3. Ricalope Jesson Says:

    This 609th medical vehicle is dubbed Charon. It is a field conversion of an Imperial navy aircraft tractor and is primarily used to set up front line triage centres.

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