Grey Sunday


Sunday June 13th is Grey Sunday – at the painting session on this day we will be asking members to only paint with pots with grey in the title – plus one black and one white each. (You can also use any mediums you like, such as glaze and metallic medium)

There will be lots of sharing, so it’s a great way to try new ranges and see just how many different types of grey there are available, and how much variety of colour there is to be had in the grey range. You’ll be surprised.

Bring you grey paints and a mini to paint over approx 3 hours. (Prime – in any colour, in advance), and lets see what happens.

This is a just for fun event. Photos of finished minis will be posted on this site afterwards.

If you can’t attend the Patriot Games, Sheffield painting session you can still join in – make sure to take some photos!


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  1. sculpture stands Says:


    Great article! I am just learning how to start blogging. How do you find the inspirations for your posts? What is the fastest way to get a fan base? (You know what I mean, people that actually want to stop by and read your material?)

    (Sorry for the silly questions, I just want to get started!)

    Much Obliged! 😀

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