Road Warrior – the vote


The May painting challenge theme was Road Warrior – and only two members managed to submit entries, but what a fantastic job they’ve both done.

These are really great, so please take the time to rate and leave friendly, helpful comments for both on our voting form.

Entry A: Charon

Entry B: Airbourne Reconnaisance

It’s well worth clicking each image to see a larger version to fully appreciate each entry.

The voting form is here – once you’ve rated each entry, add a comment below to confirm.

Don’t forget, the June painting challenge starts on Tuesday 1st June and the theme is: Alien Skin.


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13 Responses to “Road Warrior – the vote”

  1. Andres Says:

    Voted πŸ˜€

  2. Karolina Says:


  3. Krystian Krawczynski Says:

    Voted… good luck lads ^^ i wish to put my mini on this competition but i still didnt finish my diorama :/

  4. Doug Burke Says:

    Voted; nice results, both.

    I need to “man up” and get a piece done up and painted :S LOL

  5. Robert Hodder Says:


  6. warhammergrimace Says:

    I voted, need to get more entries next month, didn’t manage to finish Judge Dredd on Lawmaster. Managed to paint the bike but not Dredd himself

  7. Josh Says:

    voted πŸ™‚

  8. Witchwater Says:

    Voted, lovely work!

  9. Paul Says:

    voted 2

  10. Ricalope Jesson Says:

    Voted, great work!

  11. Mr_Wigg Says:

    Voted. Shame there’s so few entries this time.

    Gonna have to try and drum up some enthusiasm at our local club for the upcoming challenges, see if i can get some of them entering πŸ™‚

  12. Martin Walters Says:

    Voted. Only 2 entries, the theme was very specific I suppose, but what entries! Very strong work from both painters, well done.

  13. Mark stanton Says:

    voted 2 great entres

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