Games Day UK – travelling from Sheffield


Last year we organised a minibus from Sheffield to Games Day with our usual driver Ky and his pimped out minibus (tinted windows, dvd player, playstation!), and with tickets on sale it’s time to see if enough people are interested in minibus travel so we can arrange it.

The local store coach ticket is £15, and you’re more than welcome to use that to travel, but you won’t get one of Becky’s home cooked bacon rolls thrown in for that price! SI also don’t allow anyone under a certain age either, and we insist on letting people sleep on the way down if they want.

Last year the minibus price was £20 and we had to fill it to get that price.

We got to the NEC in plenty of time last year, and were close to the front of the Golden Demon queue.

If you’re interested in travelling on the SI minibus to Games Day UK from Sheffield, please leave a comment below soon. If enough people are interested then we’ll go ahead and book the minibus. If not enough people are interested, then store coach it is. (There are two leaving from Sheffield, Meadow Hall and The Moor).


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7 Responses to “Games Day UK – travelling from Sheffield”

  1. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    A receipt form for deposit payments can be found here:

  2. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    Great stuff! I’ve booked the minibus, just need to fill ALL the seats, there are 4 left!
    As last year I’ll be taking deposits to secure your seat.

  3. Adam weale Says:

    Would like to save 2 seats please 🙂

  4. robert richmond Says:

    i will be wanting a seat

  5. Jordan Padley Says:

    The Padleys will definately be travelling via the pimp mobile if its going thx.

  6. George Perkins Says:

    Yep, Interested…. still havent thought of entering anthing.

  7. Robert Hodder Says:

    very interested – have time booked off work to come up and am slowly painting my Golden Demon entry

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