Road Warrior – The feedback


Big thanks to everyone who voted for the May painting challenge – Road Warrior. There may only have been 2 entries, but they really captivated us all.

Below are the friendly, helpful comments left by other SI members.

Entry A – Charon

  • Love the finish to this piece – such attention to detail.
  • Awesome love the Wethering!
  • Very characterful conversion, nice use of weathering. Not totally sure on the choice of colours but the execution is excellent. Well done!
  • I’d expect to see a character of some sort with this theme, but a quality build and paintjob nonetheless
  • Nice paint work and an excellent conversion
  • Such an awesome paintjob and the conversion is fantastic!
    I’m sad to say that I don’t think it suits the theme very well. It has the custom vehicle vibe but it would look a lot more in theme with a visible driver of some sort. That may just be “Road Warrior” instantly conjuring images of Mad Max though! 🙂
  • Very nice work; excellent colouring on the tires.
  • Ok this Charon olike for me looks great, the paintjob is all right and really brings everything together, but… wheels are to big …
  • Doesn’t scream “Road Warrior” to me but is still a good piece
  • Nice dirt on the model and bits all over the vehicle

Entry B – Airbourne Recon

  • Love the ‘Warrior’ on the bike and his attitude, very dynamic. My only issue with the model are the size of the wheels of the motorcycle, lovely miniature anyway.
  • Would’ve gotten a higher “theme” score from me if it didn’t look too militaristic but overall a great piece
  • i like the paint job and whole conversion of this mini…
  • The Beret is excellent 🙂 A nice touch
  • Love this, brilliant interpretation of the theme and the base brings it out extremely well in context. Well done! 🙂
  • A true road warrior! Very creative and well done!
  • Love this great conversion, and looks the part of a road warrior.
  • Fantastic build, good quality paintjob. Highlites and lowlights would have added to the look, aswel as maybe some scrub on the base.
  • Excellent paint job on a smooth conversion, well done!
  • A very evocative entry, I love the pose and the idea.
  • Just so crisp, the basing is excellent. love it!
  • Great concept, the base really sells it.

Results coming soon!


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