Grey Sunday


Today at our regular painting session we tried something a little different – we decided to only paint using pots with ‘grey’ in the title, plus a single black, a single white and any mediums.

Gandalf the Grey by Dunechaser on Flickr (Creative Commons license)

Wouldn’t that just mean grey minis? Surprisingly no!

One of the main things about today’s session was to share paints with each other and try out new colours and ranges and there was a good selection on offer:

  • Citadel
  • Coat d’arms
  • Foundry
  • P3
  • Vallejo Model Colour
  • Vallejo Game Colour
  • Humbrol acrylic
  • Rackham

Minis could be primed in any colour, and although most people chose white or black as a base – Jason chose to prime in brown and Becky in grey.

The variety of greys was really impressive with browns, blues and greens showing up much more than you’d expect. The lack of any red tones was noticeably missed. P3 Coal Black was a popular choice of black, and VMC Khaki Grey was a brown used by a few members.

Things we learnt:

  • There are many shades of grey
  • Don’t prime grey when painting grey
  • Grey isn’t good for painting healthy skin
  • Grey Green is not the same as Green Grey
  • It’s fun to try out new colours

Here are some photos of what we got up to – click for gallery close ups:



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