Alien Skin – the entries


Photo by Nanynany on Flickr used with Creative Commons license

The June painting challenge theme is: Alien Skin.

If you’ve finished your entry, please post a comment below including:

  • link to photo of finished entry
  • title of your entry (keep ‘em reasonably short though!)
  • short description of what you did, what you learnt, who the manufacturer is etc

The deadline is 6pm Sunday June 27th (that’s London time) – after that the voting form will be set up.

If you enter you must vote!

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been working on.


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5 Responses to “Alien Skin – the entries”

  1. Brian Says:

    some good stuff… I liked the Wash technique of the Solo Tau… Gonna try it myself real soon…

  2. Jason Hubbard Says:

    For this challenge I decided to do a Tau Sniper team, set within an Urban enviroment. Having left it to the last minite I started and completed this today, though it was built over a week ago and undercoated.

  3. Alan Morey Says:

    Tau Marksman

    I decided to use this month’s challenge as an opportunity to try a new approach to painting my GW Tau. Usually I use a Blue Grey base with a darker blue wash and leave it at that. This time I started with a GW Foundation paint basecoat of Deneb Stone, with ‘markings’ painted in using Charadon Granite. This then had a wash of Devlan Mud to start the shading process followed by successive glazes of Asurmen Blue to give colour.

  4. Liam Tondeur Says:


    Title: Grimluk da Shiney ‘umie Slaya

    Description: This is a kit bash of various Ork and Space Marine bits. Wanted him to loot armour of fallen foes. I don’t like bright Orks so went for a darker green. This is the second Ork I’ve ever painted but my first one was fully encased in armour so this is my first attempt at skin which wasn’t human. Was a bit sort on time this month what with exams and overtime but managed to finish this one chap instead of the previous planned squad.


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