Alien Skin – the vote


Three entries for this month’s painting challenge: Alien Skin, one Ork and two Tau entries.

It’s great to see different models and styles, as well as new ideas and approaches.

Remember, you can paint miniatures from ANY manufacturer for our challenges. There really is no limit!

Please look at each entry carefully, then use our voting form to score each entry:

  • Out of 10 for how it meets the theme: Alien Skin
  • Out of 10 for style

Then leave some friendly, helpful comments – with only 3 entries this isn’t going to take you too long, so give it a go!

Remember, if you entered, then you must vote!

Entry A: Grimluk da Shiney ‘umie Slaya

Description: This is a kit bash of various Ork and Space Marine bits. Wanted him to loot armour of fallen foes. I don’t like bright Orks so went for a darker green. This is the second Ork I’ve ever painted but my first one was fully encased in armour so this is my first attempt at skin which wasn’t human. Was a bit sort on time this month what with exams and overtime but managed to finish this one chap instead of the previous planned squad.

Entry B: Tau Marksman

I decided to use this month’s challenge as an opportunity to try a new approach to painting my GW Tau. Usually I use a Blue Grey base with a darker blue wash and leave it at that. This time I started with a GW Foundation paint basecoat of Deneb Stone, with ‘markings’ painted in using Charadon Granite. This then had a wash of Devlan Mud to start the shading process followed by successive glazes of Asurmen Blue to give colour.

Entry C: Tau Sniper Team

For this challenge I decided to do a Tau Sniper team, set within an Urban enviroment. Having left it to the last minite I started and completed this today, though it was built over a week ago and undercoated.

Huge thanks to all the members who took part this month, it’s always great to see what you come up with, and hopefully you were able to push yourselves or try something new or different.

Make sure to click on each image to see a larger version.


>> Click here to vote <<

The July challenge starts on Thursday July 1st and the theme is: Salvage


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