Alien Skin – the feedback


Thank you all for commenting and scoring the entries for the June painting challenge: Alien Skin.
The voting is anonymous, but we always ask for friendly, helpful comments to provide feedback for the members who took the time to enter.

We run a strict ‘no meanness’ policy, so you won’t ever get hurtful comments – if you’ve taken the time and effort to paint something, we believe you should be given some respect it.

Entry A: Grimluk

  • Good looking piece; colours appropriately Orky & dirtied up
  • Great weathering effects and overall gritty look.  Can’t really see the skin, though!  Must improve photo-fu. 😉
  • A little dark and hard to see the skin in some spots, other than that it looks great!
  • Nice kit-bashing work. There is much alien skin to this miniature, and he was converted! Good job!
  • Nicely done
  • Not a fan of bright green orks either, so I really like the more ‘realistic’ tones here (can you say ‘realistic’ about a 7 foot green pig-alien?).  Nice highlighting around the face in particular, really bringing out the features.
  • MEAT!

Entry B: Tau Marksman

  • The skin on the head is very well done, though the rest looks a little thick.
  • There wasn’t much alien skin to display on this mini.
  • Like the wash technique… Think I will steal it LOL
  • Love the new direction he went with the skin, very creative! Looks great too!
  • The best photography out of the bunch — I can see the Alien Skin!  Neat experimentation with the skin — I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  The eyes really help the model stand out.
  • Nicely done: nice touch with the shine AKA “combat-induced sweat”
  • Excellent example of T’au skin, not just layered blues and whites. Very well done. The armour needs some attention though.

Entry C: Tau Sniper Team

  • This looks to be the best piece of work I’ve seen from you but I just can’t see much from the image. Looks well positioned and the weathering on the base looks like it’s amazing and I would very much like to see some better pictures.
  • Very different to see a dirty scruffy looking Tau Fire Warrior; looks good … Looks like this Fire Warrior has been in a Cityfight for quite a while
  • Wonderfully done terrain, weathering, and composition.  But I can’t see the alien skin!  (I can barely see the alien, for that matter)  I recommend using the photography more to showcase the theme (utilize close-up cropping, angles, composition, lighting, etc.).
  • Pretty cool but the pictures are too far out to see the skin properly.
  • There wasn’t much alien skin to see on the minis, but I do like the style!
  • Bit tricky to see the details of the faces in the photo, but I’m definitely liking the pale blue face on the pole dwelling sniper, and the way that the highlighting brings out the shape of the features by emphasising the cheekbones and brow ridges. The rust effect on the scenery is excellent too!

Results will be posted shortly.

Want to see you mini up here? It’s dead easy, just paint up a mini during July on the theme of ‘Salvage’.

The challenges are open to everyone, and you can paint a model from ANY company, you can even paint a unit, or scenery if you think it suits the theme.


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