Where to get 40K terrain?


Photo by Shane McElligott

This question was asked by Stuart recently on our Facebook group page, and basically, as long as you have the internet and a credit card, you can get terrain from anywhere. Here is a short list of places I know about, or found whilst trying to help Stuart out. Please add any you recommend in the comments.

Some of this terrain could be used for more than just 40K wargames though, and most of the manufacturers have a wider range of products to suit a number of different genres.

Games Workshop

Ok, so this is pretty obvious, but if price is not an issue, why not get 40K buildings from the source?

There’s a large range of scenery for 40K now, from the impressive Imperial Stronghold down to various barracades and various accessories like oil drums and ammo cases.

Costs: From £7 – £55



Again, you’re going to need a pretty robust bank account to shop here, but the pieces will really stand out on your gaming table.

Here you can buy small accessories to add to existing terrain, all the way up to vast complex base segments. I quite like the minefield and the pillboxes – like the one in Shane’s picture above.

Costs From £6  -£175


Urban Construct

This company does a range of scenery for playing games from WWII all the way up to more futuristic settings, have a good look around their site. These are resin products and can be built up to create some impressive gaming tables. I think the WWII fortifications and the Post Apocalypse range are the most appropriate for 40K. The crater and trench system shown below looks like a lot of fun!

Costs: £3.70 – £15 on average


Photo from Urban Construct website

Dark Art Miniatures

Our friend Klaus at DAM has been a goto guy for gaming bases and over the last year or more has been expanding his First Contact Terrain range.

Recent releases include alien fortifications, which are fantastic for ‘nid players, but he also has minefields, tank traps, barricades and a gun emplacement at very competitive prices.

Costs: £3 – £23.20


Photo from DAM website

Monolith Icon

You may have come across Monolith Icon scenery on Coolminiornot.com, they produce the kind of pieces that make you stop for a second.

Their glossy website will have you drooling in seconds, but you’re going to need a fat wallet here. It’s lovely stuff, but it doesn’t come cheap.

On the plus side, they have 20% discount in store from June 19th to August 31st – a tasty summer offer.

They primarily produce fantasy terrain, but I’ve included them on this list because they have a sci-fi section coming soon, and they also take commissions. To be fair, their fantasy ruins would not look out of place on a 40K table, with the gothic inspired windows and arches.

Costs (for ruins): €11 – €20 Please note prices are in Euros!


Other companies

So that’s all the companies I’m actually familiar with, below are some that I only found via searches, if you’ve used them please let us know!

Are we missing your favourite supplier? Let us know using the comments below.


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2 Responses to “Where to get 40K terrain?”

  1. Jason Hubbard Says:

    Excellent post, the Urban Construct pieces are really nice terrain, excllent for urban skirmish games.

  2. joey dixon Says:

    here r the few websites that i have book marked so take a look and maybe add them to the list

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