IMP – the results


IMP (Irregular Miniature Paintfest) took place on Saturday July 31st in Sheffield at Patriot Games store and La Perle delicatessen. It was a lot of fun, and we have pictures to prove it!

Golden Imp Awards winners

The day kicked off with Martin running a Wings of War game upstairs at Patriot Games and Mike running his popular rock painting workshop downstairs.

Rock painting workshop results. Photo by J. Hubbard

Waterbased oil paints. Photo by J.Hubbard

The games continued upstairs throughout the day, with Jon running an introduction to  Warmachine, James running Warhammer Historical’s English Civil War rules and Dave getting people to play Songs of Blades & Heroes.

ECW game. Photo by J.Hubbard

The workshops also continued throughout the day and the gore effects technique and flora workshop were very popular and some fantastic and creative results were produced.

Flora Workshop results. Photo by J.Hubbard

Gore effects to produce a web! Photo by J.Hubbard

Over at La Perle the entries for the Golden Imp Awards were being taking before lunch. We were all very impressed with the work that everyone had brought with them, both for the competition and the display. With more entries than last year the competition table was positively heaving!

Judges Mike and Martin, assisted by Fran and Becky had the difficult task of assessing all the entries in each category and awarding the prizes – of which there were a great many this year – thanks to sponsors Warlord Games and Hasslefree Miniatures.

Golden Imp Competition results


  • 1st: Dave Cawethorn, Mantic Ghouls
  • 2nd: Paul Cocks, Cold Ones
  • 3rd: Barnaby Isaacson, Red Orcs

Highly commended:
Deborah, Trollkin and James Brewerton,  FoW Germans

Unit Gold Medal: Ghouls by Dave Cawethorne


  • 1st: James Brewerton, Tiger Tank
  • 2nd: Nick Johnson, Warjack
  • 3rd: Paul Cocks, Yellow Tank

Single Figure

  • 1st: Dave Cawethorne, Gnoblar
  • 2nd: Mark Rodgers, Green Knight
  • 3rd: John Harrison, Toxic Girl

Highly Commended:
Dave Barker, UnDave, Deborah, Barnaby Isaacson, Bill Ford, Paul Cocks, Shane Rozzel, James Brewerton

Single Gold: Gnoblar by Dave Cawethorne


  • 1st: Dave Cawethorne, Ork
  • 2nd: Bill Ford, Elf Mage
  • 3rd: Mark Rodgers, Execution

Highly Commended:
James Brewerton and Barnaby Isaacson

Open Gold: Ork by Dave Cawethorne

Impling (16 years and under)

  • 1st: William Ford, Ook
  • 2nd: Megan Ford, Eowyn

Hasslefree prizes for best HF mini in any category

  • 1st: Baranby Isaacson, Vampire Meg
  • 2nd: Dave Barker, Tony
  • 3rd: Nick Johnson, Minimus

Hasslefree 1st: Vampire Meg by Barnaby Isaacson

Warlord prizes for best historical entries

  • Vehicle: James Brewerton, Tiger Tank
  • Unit: James Brewerton, FoW Germans
  • Single 1st: James Brewerton, Roman General
  • Single 2nd: UnDave, Big Wullie
  • Open: James Brewerton, WWII Bust

Warlord Open: WWII Bust by James Brewerton

Spot prizes

  • Best fantasy unit: Dave Cawethorne, Mantic ghouls
  • Best Privateer Press: Paul Cocks
  • Best sci-fi: Mark Rodgers, Execution
  • Best small scale: James Brewerton, FoW Germans

Best sci-fi: Execution by Mark Rodgers

Best in show

Each year our Best in Show trophy is awarded to the entry that receives the highest public vote, and this year it went to Dave Cawethorne for his Gnoblar – that won 1st place in the Single Figure category.

Best in Show winner, Dave Cawethorne (left) receives his trophy from judge Martin Walters (right)

Speed Painting

The afternoon task of painting a Napoleonic British infantryman in only 30 minutes provided a lot of laughs and frantic painting.

The winner was George Perkins – who apparently had a strategy prepared for the event, after not winning last year! George gets his name added to last year’s winner on the Patriot Sword, a genuine Buddhist demon slaying sword provided by Patriot Games. He got to take home something a bit safer and made of foam though!

George Perkins (left), winner of the Speed Painting Challenge receives the Patriot Sword from Paul Moore of Patriot Games

After the awards there were raffle prizes given out – everyone who put models on the display table got a raffle ticket, and there were some lovely treats donated by Dave Barker, Mike and Fran Dodds and Jason Hubbard.

Congratulations to all the winners and another big thank you to our hosts, Patriot Games and La Perle, our competition sponsors Warlord Games and Hasslefree Miniatures and to everyone who helped make the day a success.

The team will be meeting soon to discuss how it went, so if you’d like to leave feedback in the comments below we’d love to hear from you.

Now, please take some time to look through more of Mike’s photos from the day – and we expect to have more photos from other cameramen/women soon.


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One Response to “IMP – the results”

  1. Deborah Tainsh Says:

    Fab day, Loved all of it. The tutorials were escecially good.

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