September update


Sorry for the lack of posts – since IMP I have been no stop with my job, writing articles for Irregular Magazine and working on my entry for the UK Golden Demon competition.

But it is indeed September already, so a few updates are appropriate. Read on for challenges, competitions and events.

September Painting Challenge

The theme this month is: It hides in the shadows, which is very atmospheric. If you have the time please take part. Entries have been down lately and if this continues the painting challenges may stop altogether! It’s up to you!

Shadow by Penny LamKK on Flickr used under Creative Commons license

Games Day UK 2010

September 26th, LG Arena, NEC Birmingham

The big event in any Games Workshop fan’s calendar has one of the biggest painting competitions in the UK.

The Sheffield crew are travelling in our infamous mini bus (better known as the ‘pimp-mobile’), and we do still have a few seats left if anyone is interested.

If you’re making your own way down it would be great to meet up on the day! It really helps if you’re wearing something identifiable, and I expect to see lots of familiar faces wearing Platoon Britannica, WAMP, Irregular Magazine and Sheffield Irregulars tops.

Want to join in and don’t have one? There’s still time to pick up a t-shirt from our store, delivery usually takes 7 days.

One of our cheapest tees - £6.90

Euro Militaire

September 18th – 19th, Folkestone

Euro is actually the weekend BEFORE Games Day, so if you want to go, don’t get your dates mixed up! The is the 25th anniversary of Euro, so it’s set to be a big affair. If you’re a fan of military modelling this is definitely the event for you, and it also features the most prestigious painting competition held in the UK – just getting a ‘Commended’ is an impressive achievement – some Golden Demon winners don’t pick up a gold medal at Euro!

There is a fantasy and sci-fi category in their competition, so it’s not just for historical pieces.

Old Glory World Wargames

October 2nd – 3rd, University of Derby, Derby

Yes this show is in October, but it’s only the weekend AFTER Games Day – so it’s a busy few weeks coming up. The Derby show is a great event with loads of different traders offering historical, sci-fi and fantasy miniatures and accessories from 6mm (and possibly even smaller) up to 28mm (not usually any bigger). There are participation and demonstration games, re-enactors and plenty to keep you busy on either day.

SI have our own workshop table, so you can stop by and have a go at any time, and take something home with you (free of charge too!). There will also be a chance to chat with the editors of Irregular Magazine and have a look at some of the print versions of the mag.

So here’s to a busy month – looking forward to seeing lots of you over the next few weeks, as I will be at all three of these events!



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