Workshops at Derby World Wargames


This weekend we were in Derby, at the Old Glory World Wargames show held at the University of Derby.

With over 60 traders, tournaments, demonstration games and participation games this is a fun packed event for gamers of all ages. On the Sheffield Irregulars stand this year we were offering free basing workshops – urban rubble, woodland flowers and blood and gore effects.

Each of these bases could be made with a few simple materials in just a couple of minutes, and they proved popular with young and old a like all weekend long. The show judges approved as well, and we won the prize for best participation display!

Sheffield Irregulars stand

It was great to be invited back to Derby this year as we had a lot of fun with our painting workshops in 2009. This time around we had our exhibition boards to help advertise the group and Irregular Magazine, as we had both editors Jason and Nick available to answer questions on both days. We also really enjoyed meeting up and chatting to everyone who visited us.

To be truthful, we weren’t aware there was a competition for best participation display, so it was a genuine surprise when we were told by one of the show organisers that we had won. The look of shock and confusion on our faces is something we wish had not been captured quite so well in this photo.

Nick, Becky and Jason after receiving award from Old Glory

We’d like to extend our congratulations to the gaming table not far behind us who not only got the award for best demonstration game, but also managed to look classy in dinner jackets (plus a pirate outfit!) and drink wine all weekend! Those gentleman know how to enjoy their hobby.

Basing at home

For those who had a go at our workshops this weekend and would like to have a go at them at home, the three tutorials can be found in various issues of Irregular Magazine (free PDF download).

Woodland flower bases

Blood and gore effects

We’d love to see some pictures of the bases you make, so please leave a comment below.


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4 Responses to “Workshops at Derby World Wargames”

  1. Mitchell Bodin Says:

    Ok. So why did not I visualize that?

  2. Neil Robertson Says:

    We are just getting into wargaming and are interested in attending the FIASCO event in Leeds. Do you have further details on location, times etc. Cheers

  3. Jason Hubbard Says:

    An excellent weekend, next show for the group will be Fiasco at Leeds on October 31st. Hope to see everyone there?

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