Seeing red


As previously mentioned the monthly painting challenge has trailed off recently – but it’s back!

The November challenge theme is simply: Red

rojo sobre negro (mosaico) by -Merce- on Flickr used under Creative Commons license.

Those of you new to our challenges might not be sure what is involved – but it’s dead easy and fun to join in

First off, you can’t start painting until the first day of the challenge month, in this case Monday 1st November, but you can build and prime your model in advance of this date. Then you have until the last Sunday of the month to get it finished, photographed and posted online, in this case the deadline is Sunday 28th November.

Is it just a painting competition? I’m not good very good.

It’s not a competition really, more of a personal challenge. A chance to try something new, or push yourself with a new technique or just focusing on one model a bit more than usual. You don’t have to be a great painter to take part, in fact getting involved you’re likely to learn something new, or get some helpful feedback.


We ask if you take part to post a link to a photo of your entry in the comments on this site (there will be a really obvious post up before the deadline!). Then we ask everyone who took part plus those who didn’t to use one of our simple online forms to score each entry out of 10 for how well it meets the theme, and out of 10 for style, you also get to leave friendly and helpful comments for each entry. The form is anonymous.

Merit Award

The entry that gets the highest number of points overall will receive the Merit Award through the post. This highly coveted trophy is a small resin award with an engraved plaque with the date on it indicating which challenge it was won for.

I’m not sure, I’m a bit embarrassed to post photos of my painting

You post photos on Facebook, and elsewhere online though right? Well, ok, maybe not everyone does, but why not start now. No one is judging you, and we have a ‘no meanness’ policy at Sheffield Irregulars that means you won’t get slammed by anyone. It’s safe.

So, what models can I enter?

Any model is ok, from any manufacturer. In fact you could enter a vehicle or a piece of scenery if you wanted to. Any scale is ok too – maybe you play Flames of War (15mm) or Warhammer 40K (28mm) or like to paint larger scales. Any genre is allowed, sci-fi, fantasy, historical, pulp etc. Seriously, you can enter any kind of model as long as you paint it!

So about this theme…

The theme is: Red which you can interpret however you want. Here are some ideas:

  • Seeing red – maybe you’re model is really angry and showing it!
  • Blood and gore – maybe you want to create a splattered blood fest (check out the blood effects tutorial in issue 5 of Irregular Magazine for a really effective, simple technique)
  • Red clothing – armour or cloth, it won’t matter. Maybe use this as an opportunity to improve your technique when it comes to painting this colour
  • Colour – maybe you want red to be the strongest colour in your entry, think about what colours to balance it with.
  • Accent colour – maybe the character is holding a single red flower, this could have a lot of impact
  • OSL – maybe you want to brave lighting effects and have some fire or a red glow
  • Or something else… we can’t wait to see what you come up with

If your score is important to you, then remember that theme is worth half of your possible score, so make sure your mini screams RED in some way.


We’ll leave you with some miniatures that shout RED to us as some inspiration that we found in the gallery.

Battletech Thorn by Karnophagemp on Coolminiornot

Knight Models Thor by ithandir on Coolminiornot

Andrea Miniatures Red Baron by jbarrientos on Coolminiornot

Priest by Herbinator on Coolminiornot

So, are you going to give it a go?


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