Review: Cirae


You may remember a little while back we featured a video from Random Geek Moments talking about brushes, well here’s a review by the same guy on Cirae from JoeK miniatures.

The resin JoeK line is now stocked in store at Patriot Games – so if you’re lucky enough to live in Sheffield, you can pop into the store and check out the miniatures in the blisters for yourself – which also means you can check out the quality before purchasing. If Patriot Games is too far out for you – and for many of you, it’s way too far, Joe includes shipping in the £10 purchase price from his website.

I was lucky enough to see the green of this piece earlier in the year, and she’s very small, but well sculpted by a talented up and coming sculptor. Some boutique miniatures out at the moment can seem a bit daunting to purchase. They often have incredibly fine, small details and look like they might snap it too at any moment, and this sometimes puts people off getting them. I think the JoeK line is a more robust and the subjects more approachable and are worth looking at if you want to try something different.



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2 Responses to “Review: Cirae”

  1. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    There’s a link to the JoeK website in the post – but here’s a direct link to the store:

  2. joey dixon Says:

    where can i get one

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