Red tutorials


As the November painting challenge theme is red, I thought it might be useful to find some tutorials for painting red.

Crimson Red by Alex Basnett on Flickr used with Creative Commons license

First up is this one from the Stuck Between Stations blog.

Photo from Stuck Between Stations

This is a very simple approach using only 4 pots of paint – seriously!

Photo from Stuck Between Stations

Next up is a tutorial from Necrotales, who always puts alot of effort into their step by steps.

Photo from Necrotales

At 12 steps it’s not a long tutorial, but it is more involved than the first one.

This next tutorial uses red glaze to create some really bright effects. It’s found on the RelicNews forums by Skrzyp.

Photo from RelicNews Forum

With large, clear pictures and only a handful of steps, this looks like a great tutorial to try out.

Finally, for those of you who want to know how the Demon winners do it – here’s Vincent Hudon’s step by step Magmatrax over on Bolter and Chainsword.

Be warned – this is not for those with low self confidence, prepare to be blown away at 100+ hours of work.

Photo from Bolter and Chainsword

I hope that’s got you fired up to try some new techniques or brush up on your red skills.


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