Witches, pumpkins and spooks – oh my!


With Halloween just around the corner, we thought what better time to round up some of the best creepy miniatures out there.

Halloween by fabbio on Flickr used with a Creative Commons license


You just can’t have Halloween without witches, but where can you get witchy models from?Hmmm.

Esme on broom from Micro Art Studio

Mico Art Studio jumps to mind straight away, as they produce the DiscWorld miniatures range, with some of the most iconic fantasy witches going.

Witch Hazel from Hasslefree Miniatures

Hasslefree miniatures have a levitating witch called Hazel…why do I see her as a red head?

'09 Halloween Tribute from Darksword Miniatures

Darksword Miniatures have a very traditional looking witch – with a black cat included! This was their 2009 special, but it’s still available from their store.

Elise the witch from Reaper Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures have this very cute witch called Elise with a broom and a pumpkin!


Funnily enough, wizards are a lot easier to find that witches and come in all forms from Druids to Sorcerers to Warlocks and back to Wizards. I’m not going to list any here as I’m sure you have at least one in your grey horde… and if not, why not?


You may prefer the term Jack O’ Latern, but who can resist the evil charm of an anthropomorphic vegetable – especially an evil one?

Pumpkin Slayer from Scibor

Scibor Monstrous Miniatures can be relied upon for a holiday special and the Pumpkin Slayer is no exception.

Pumpkin patch by Witch Miniatures on Etsy

Not strictly 28mm miniatures – but I couldn’t resist posting these fantastic polymer clay pumpkins I spotted on Esty by Witch Miniatures. If you’re planning a diorama, or a heavily themed game you should stop by the store and check out all the detailed tiny pieces they produce by hand.

Cuthulu Pumpkin Carving template

Ok, this really isn’t a miniature – but it is awesome. If you haven’t got your pumpkin carving design sorted yet – maybe this will help! I found a link to a PDF with this template on the MiniatureWargaming site – and I just love the glow in the dark effect.


Undead minis – especially zombies are everywhere these days – but what about a more traditional ghost, spook or spectre?

Spectre from Reaper Miniatures

We’re back at Reaper Miniatures, but they have a great range of spooky figures – type ‘spectre’ into the product search and I’m sure you’ll find something to suit.

Mrs Dudley from Smart Max

If you’ve not seen the crazy, beautiful SMOG range from Smart Max, you really should take the time. This is Mrs Dudley, and well I think she’s a fabulous ghost. Be warned, this range will leave a hefty dent in your wallet.


Enjoy the festivities this weekend, and let us know if we missed off your favourite spooky miniature from our list.


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