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It’s been a busy few weeks, first there was Fiasco in Leeds, then Warheads painting day in Sheffield, and this weekend it’s the Platoon Britannica Yorkshire Regiment meet up. What a whirlwind!

Whirlwind by Webgol on Flickr used with Creative Commons license

Fiasco: Leeds

This was a one day show held in a venue looking out at the Royal Armouries, so as a day’s out go it’s got plenty to keep you occupied!

We had a stand with a display of figures, basing workshops, opportunity to speak to the editors of Irregular Magazine, plus printed copies to peruse.

With lots of familiar faces turning up, it was a great chance to catch up with friends and meet new people as well. The laid back atmosphere of the show meant that it felt relaxed all day, even when the stand was busy.

We had a good spot, close to our old friends, Westwind and despite arriving just after the show had opened the organisers were very helpful and we had a good sized table with decent light.

This was the last workshop event for the year, but for anyone who missed out on the basing tutorials, you can download them all from various issues of Irregular Magazine and we’ll be running new ones in 2011. We just haven’t decided exactly what yet!

Huge thanks to all those who brought miniatures to put on the display – there was a great selection of scales and genres, both for gaming and display.

Here are some photos taken by James Brewerton of the team setting up the table.

Warheads painting day: Sheffield

Last Sunday we ran a special painting session at Patriot Games. Urban Mammoth had sent some Warheads miniatures to the magazine, so we held a one day group review painting session. Everyone who turned up got a prepped and primed model and in return they had to paint it entirely in that session.

As none of us had tried one of these figures before it was an interesting challenge, but met with great enthusiasm and it was lovely to have members travel especially for this one.

A good time was had, the miniatures were all painted and looking fantastic and a write up with pictures will be included in the next issue of Irregular Magazine (out in January).

Here’s a taster photo from Mike Dodds showing one of the miniatures being painted.

Yorkshire Regiment meet up: Leeds

This Sunday some of us will be heading to Leeds to meet up with the regional Platoon Britannica group. It’s at the Leeds Nightowls club in Headingly at 10am. A small charge of £2.50 towards the club/venue is being asked of everyone who is not there for the first time.

There is going to be a discussion on metal painting techniques (non metallic and true metallic), and it’s recommended you bring along examples of your work to get some pointers, or to show others how it’s done.

A speed painting challenge is also being planned for the day, so make sure to bring brushes and paints!

You don’t have to be a PB member to come along, but maybe you’ll feel like joining afterwards. Suitable for all kinds of painter – but especially those looking to improve their skills.

Red Challenge

The November painting challenge is running till Sunday 28th, so there’s still time to paint an entry.

The submissions post will be online towards the end of next week, so take your time on the painting, but remember you have to take a photograph or two as well.

Remember, this is just for fun and self improvement – it’s a challenge, not a competition. There’s no reason not to get involved!


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