Red challenge entries


Theme: Red

Deadline: Sunday November 28th, 6pm London time

How to enter the challenge:

Post a comment on this thread and include:

  • A short title for your model (to be used on the voting form)
  • Some info on what you were trying to achieve, any techniques you used, how you found it.
  • A link to an online photo of your entry

A voting form will be made available on Sunday after the deadline where everyone can make helpful comments and score each entry on how well it meets the theme, and for style (scoring is anonymous). Voting will be open for about a week and the results and comments will be posted on this site.

Remember, our challenges are supposed to be fun, a chance to learn or try something new, or just to show off your mad skills! It’s not about being the best painter, it’s about pushing yourself and self improvement.

Looking forward to seeing your entries!


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14 Responses to “Red challenge entries”

  1. sheffieldirregulars Says:

    Entry is now closed – voting will be set up soon. Thanks to everyone who has entered.

  2. jason hubbard Says:

    Here’s my entry, I was going for a dirty in the field look with these archers. A bunch of soldiers wh have been in the field on campaign for some time.

  3. Nick Johnson Says:

    Roman Optio

    This figure was painted for the WAMP Army Challenge that I’m participating in, for a Warhammer Ancient Battles Roman army. Fairly basic paint job, with my usual gold-free gold on the details. He may get some freehand on the shield at some point, but he’s ready for tabletop at this point.

  4. Alan M Says:

    Tech Adept

    An old GW Adeptus Mechanicus. The robe was painted mechrite red, shaded with Scab Red and Leviathan Purple wash, then re-highlighted with the mechrite. The armour received repeated green a black washes, ending with a green ink to try and give it a deep, lacquered look, but I’m not entirely happy with it. Overall I wanted a mix of shabby (the cloak and cloth mask) and antique but well cared for (all the technological bits).

  5. #2501 Says:


    Unlike my erroneous previous entry, this Ogre is actually quite recent; got it for my birthday a couple of weeks ago as part of a Rackham set of three, and I have yet to paint the other two. He was posed standing one foot like that out of the box, so I pinned him place on top of a talus rock (straight thru into the base). Like all Rackham models, they’re gorgeous and covered in detail. Since it’s an oriental monster, I wanted a nice deep red so as to suggest the tones of lacquered armor. I started with a mix of Dark Flesh/Chaos Black/Red Gore and built it up by adding more Blood Red to the mix. At one point it got rather light, so I darkened it with successive washes of black and then did a bit of re-highlighting with a Blood Red/Brown mix. The beads on one arm made him look rather like a monk, so I went with an understated look for the rest of the model, only picking out the metal and wooden bits and leaving the robes a dark grey.




  6. #2501 Says:

    Oh wait, I entered an old miniature. My bad. Feel free to delete my entry.

  7. #2501 Says:

    “Arch Magos Vlekk”

    The real challenge for this mini was adding just enough green stuff in the right places to make the “flesh” on the Obliterator torso/legs read as robes. Other than that he was a deep bits box delve, and ended up with some choice techmarine and cannon bits, not to mention the flamer from an old Landspeeder hull and the arm from an old metal dreadnought. I wanted him to be the end-all, be-all of a Skitarii regiment without being just another wad of bits.




  8. Ricalope Says:

    Deneghra is the war witch associated with my iron lich for Warmachine. As the only living model, I thought she could stand out from the undead. I used many washes to deepen the folds in the cloak, as well as staining the metal. I used muted blues in an attempt to make the red stand out further.

  9. Sammy Says:

    Kakra The Red Seeker.
    This is the champion of my seeker unit and I was trying to go for a tiger stripe effect on the cats fur, I managed to get this effect by painting broken jagged lines and then adding highlights in to make the stripes two toned giving it a more realistic effect I think. As most of my units have a tendency to have a rainbow effect when lined up, this is the red one of this units rainbow.

    more pictures of it can be seen at

  10. Adam Horn Says:

    oooppps forgot the link…

  11. Adam Horn Says:

    “Lord Chompy Bits”

    as lord chompy bits is supposed to be and unstoppable killing machine i tryed to show him as just having blood all over his 4 hands and face. i also built off my previous attempt at a bloody mouth and body from “Teddy”. i would have posted teddy for this contest but as i painted it before it was not available

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