December painting challenge: Wounded


The theme for the December painting challenge is: Wounded

The deadline will be: Sunday 9th January

The extended deadline means there’s plenty of time to fit your entry in amongst the festivities.

An injured Kagami by kodomut on Flickr used with Creative Commons license


So, the theme is Wounded – what does that mean?

It means you can go one of two ways:

  1. A figure/vehicle with an injury
  2. A figure suffering an emotional wound – this will be much harder to show


  • A pirate with an eye patch/wooden leg
  • A solider coming home from battle
  • A figure with bandaged wounds
  • A vehicle with some serious damage
  • A zombie attack

But I’m sure you’ll come up with something interesting.

It’s a chance to try out some blood effects if the wound is fresh, or scar effects if the wound is older, maybe think about painting the flesh a bit paler because the figure is feeling drained and unwell.

Remember, you can enter any miniature from any manufacturer, at any scale – even vehicles, busts or dioramas. Just follow the rule, and paint it during the challenge month.


Here are some pieces from the Coolminiornot gallery that might inspire you.

Wounded Trooper by lomaxxdurang on CMoN

Wonded Knight by bulat on CMoN

Wounded Imperial Fist Marine by Androsch on CMoN

Damaged Necron Warrior by allstarcrew9999 on CMoN

The pirate and the penguin by DeamonHerald on CMoN

It’s December already, so start painting!


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