Red challenge: feedback


Voting has now closed and the results of the November painting challenge: Red are being calculated.

While you’re waiting to find out who gets the Merit Award this month, why not check out the feedback left for our entrants.

Thanks to all those who voted and took the time to comment.

Entry A: Kakra the red seeker

  • Love the blue cats, reminds me of He-man for some reason…
  • A dark wash would help bring out the details on those bones on the basing.
  • Kakra!
  • more red would have been more themed.
  • I like this one. Nice conversion (I hope its a conversion, or I’m gonna look real silly!) and some lovely freehand on both the demonette and the lion.
    I think it could have been a touch better if a little more attention had been given to the bones on the base, and a little more highlighting had been on the skin of the demonette itself.  Still, she’s pretty good without that!
  • Interesting conversion and striking choice of colours, particularly like the tiger stripes.  The red doesn’t feel that strong compared to the blue though, which is why I’ve not scored as high for the theme.
  • Could do with more visable highlights.

Entry B: Deneghra

  • It was to see clearly from the photo, but looks good.
  • Although there’s not a huge amount of red, its been well used as a contrast in just the right amount and places to make the model really stand out.  Nice work!
  • A nicely painted entry. I like the stark highlighting on her (?) skin and the reds are rather nicely done.  The corrosion on the metals and the base are both rather nice, too! Could have been a touch better if the highlighting on her (?) skin had been just a little smoother; and the entry could have been more “red” if different reds had been used on the model, rather than just the same red used as an accessory colour in different places. Very good work, though, and a great paintjob overall!
  • the red eyes and blue skin is what does it for me on this model
  • Shmexy ^.=.^
  • Nice use of red as an accent colour.

Entry C: Osric

  • the flag is pretty cool
  • i really like the pose, the cloak could use another contrasting color
  • Nice dark reds, some dark red on the banner would have tied them together more.
  • A really lovely red skin colour on this beast. Entry could be improved slightly with a little more attention to some of the detail on the model that has been left black
  • Really like how the red theme has been handled subtly through the skin tones, which are really convincing.  Nice texture work on the armour, although I’d have liked to see some more of the details picked out (like the straps holding the sword in place or the patches on the clothes)?
  • I found this a little dark for my taste.

Entry D: Tech Priest

  • Nice base
  • really lovely highlighting on this proper old school Rogue Trader mini and that stark base realy compliments this mini!  Very well done!
  • well done, an extra highlight would really make it stand out.
  • the tubular face is great
  • You might make use of some dark brown/black washes to add depth to your metallics.
  • Neat and creepy
  • Nice clean job – like the basing, too.

Entry E: Roman Optio

  • Nicely executed Roman. Finished to a good standard, but a little bit more needs to be done with the base, and the mini would be much improved if the eyes were picked out and suitable detail added to the shield – even if the shield detail were to come from a transfer.
  • Nice, classic use of red, makes me think of Sunday afternoons watching old films on telly!  Could be a bit more shade/highlight on the red (it’s well handled on other parts of the mini) and I’d have loved to see you tackle a pattern on the shield!
  • Nice work, though needs stronger highlights.

Entry F: Archers

  • Nice to see a whole unit submitted, that’s dedication!  Good choice to use a green and red together, the two colours bring each other out.  Hope to see more of these.
  • Well, they’ve got some red on them, but apart from that doesn’t really meet the theme very well for me. But they’re a well panted unit of minis.  Photograhy lets them down a little – I think it would have been a better picture if the unit was further back on the shelf so that more light fell on the front of the miniatures.
  • more red! (but great bases)
  • Excellent job on that basing; really love the varied turf and long grass, and it really unites them as a unit.

Entry G: Lord Chompy Bits

  • love the stomach teeth, needs an awesome base.
  • nice belly-problems, boring base
  • Red gore on a monster! What more red could you want on a mini!? :)A simple, but nicely executed paintjob that is complemented with good gore!
    The lack of anything happening with the base does let the miniature down, unfortunately.  I think this will be an awesome looking mini when the base is done!
  • Great mini and name! Not sure the red comes out that strongly and there could be a bit more shade and highlight (although it could be that the photo is not doing it justice).  Nice work on the teeth, that face has a real snarl to it.

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