Red Challenge: Results


The votes have been counted…

Each entry was score out of 10 for how well it suited the theme (Red) and out of 10 for style – so a maximum 20 points.

The total is then divided by the number of votes to create an average score per entry.

In reverse order:

  • Entry F: Archers   10.92
  • Entry G: Lord Chompy Bits   11.84
  • Entry A: Kakra   12.23
  • Entry E: Roman Optio   12.53
  • Entry C: Osric  12.69 (3rd place)
  • Entry D: Tech Priest 13.15 (2nd place)
  • Entry B: Deneghra 14.38 (1st place)

So congratulations to Ricalope Jesson for his entry, Deneghra. Please get in touch as we’d love to send you a Merit Award for your achievement.

Entry B: Deneghra

Here are the breakdown of scores for theme and style separately.


  • Entry F: Archers 4.92
  • Entry A: Kakra 6.07
  • Entry C: Osric 6.38
  • Entry G: Lord Chompy Bits 6.46
  • Entry E: Roman Option 6.53
  • Entry B: Deneghra 6.92
  • Entry D: Tech Priest 7


  • Entry G: Lord Chompy Bits 5.38
  • Entry F: Archers  6
  • Entry E: Roman Option 6
  • Entry D: Tech Priest 6.15
  • Entry A: Kakra 6.15
  • Entry C: Osric 6.3
  • Entry B: Deneghra 7.46

Thank you to everyone who took part. Remember, the December painting challenge: Wounded has just started, and there’s an extra long deadline to tide you over the festive period.


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