Wounded painting challenge: post your entry


If you’re entering our Dec/Jan painting challenge: Wounded, you’ve come to the right place.

Bluey's new bandage by adria.richards on Flickr

Post a comment below including:

  • Title of your entry (keep it short please!)
  • Link to photo of your entry (can be more than one)
  • Details of what you did for this entry, any new techniques you tried etc.


2 Responses to “Wounded painting challenge: post your entry”

  1. Jason Hubbard Says:

    Completed over two Sunday painting sessions

  2. Alan Says:

    Last Chancer

    Last Chancer

    Completed in about three evenings, so I mostly stuck with techniques I know well and a familiar colour scheme. Instead I concentrated on trying to make the ‘wounds’ sensible and convincing. This chaps injuries have come from his vehicle being brought to a sudden and unexpected halt (possibly through colliding with some sort of gribbly beasty), so, as well as the bandaged wounds, there are lots of small cuts and scrapes, plus a smear on the right thigh pocket where he’s been wiping his injured hand.

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