Wounded painting challenge: Feedback


Thanks to all those who took the time to score and comment on the two, brave challenge entries. The scores will be totalled soon, but for now, here are the comments that have been left for our entrants.

Entry A: Napoleonic Solider

  • I like the gritty, dirty wounded style of the 19th century soldier.  Reds are a little bit bright perhaps, but otherwise very good!
  • Great choice of model.  The whole pose gives an air of fatigue. Nice details like the powder burns on the right side of the face as well.  For me, the flesh tones could be a little lighter as it’s a little lost against the body, but that’s a minor quibble, would work just as well as a tanned face.
  • great model choice, and some good highlighting
  • Very convincing entry that makes the character appear willing to fight on but he’s not certain of where he is. My only critique is that the red on his head is too similar to the red on his uniform.
  • Bit of a dark photo, so couldn’t see all the detail clearly. Poor soldier didn’t look too happy, that’s for certain. The base is good – adds a lot to the model.

Entry B: Last Chancer

  • Good work with shading and highlighting, they brought out a lot of the model’s detail.
  • Neatly painted and a good colour scheme. Although you can tell he’s wounded, his uniform appears too clean in light of the wounds he has suffered.
  • Nicely painted miniature.
  • great job, my only suggestion is a wash on the skin, but otherwise very nice!
  • Lovely work on the wounding and combat damage. The rest of the uniform seems a little bit clean, given that it is damaged as well, but great paintwork nevertheless!

Good comments all round!

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