Wounded painting challenge: Results


Despite there only being two entries for the Wounded painting challenge (yes, we’ll keep rubbing it in), the scores were actually fairly close.

Find out who will be receiving the Merit Award for Dec/Jan below.

The scores for theme and the scores for style are tallied, and then divided by the number of voters to create an average score out of 20.

In reverse order

  • Entry A: Napoleonic Soldier 14.8
  • Entry B: Last Chancer 16.8  (1st)

Entry B: Last Chancer

Congratulations to Alan Morey! Please get in touch so we can post out the Merit Award to you.

The breakdown of results for Theme:

  • Entry A: Napoleonic Solider 8.36
  • Entry B: Last Chancer 8.81

The breakdown of results for Style:

  • Entry A: Napoleonic Solider 6.45
  • Entry B: Last Chancer 8

Get involved!

We’ve just posted the details of our upcoming February challenge, so why not give it a go yourself? If we continue to get low entries, then the challenges will stop, so please get involved and keep them running.

Challenges are all about personal improvement, trying new things and pushing yourself. They are not a competition.

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