Who are the Sheffield Irregulars?

Sheffield Irregulars is a mini painting group. What that means is we are a group of painters, and we paint miniature models.

The aim of the group is “to improve our painting, and encourage others in the hobby”. This means we focus on enjoying painting more than anything else.

We meet most Sundays at Patriot Games in Sheffield itself. (That’s Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom), and the door is always open to visitors, casual attendees and the curious.

We also have a Facebook group, where painters from around the world can share resources (a large library of links), get feedback on their work, ask for help for something they’re working on, and take part in our monthly challenges. If you don’t like to use Facebook, you can always bookmark this site, or follow us on Twitter.

You don’t have to be from Sheffield to be a Sheffield Irregular!

We’re a friendly bunch – so if you see someone wearing a SPLAT top at an event, or you want to pop down to the basement one weekend, or just want to check out the group on Facebook, you would be very welcome.

Check out what we got up to in 2008/2009 in our quick recap.

If you want to speak to someone who should know what’s going on the people to look out for are:

  • Dave Barker – Treasurer
  • Nick Johnson – Club secretary
  • Jason Hubbard – Chairman

You can get in touch with the team via our new email address: sheffieldirregulars@gmail.com

And on the Facebook Group you can additionally get in touch with admins:

  • Rebecca Hubbard
  • Shane McElligott
  • Edward Nicholson

For information about Irregular Magazine, contact Nick & Jason at irregularmagazine@gmail.com or visit http://www.irregularmagazine.com

Hope to see you around.

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