2009 Events

A look back at what we got up to in 2009 (in reverse chronological order).

Yorkshire Regiment meetup – November 2009

The first meeting of Yorkshire painters was held by Platoon Britannica members in Leeds. It was a nice way to meet fellow painters in the region, and many had brought some lovely minis to show. Looks like this is going to become a monthly event, with a more official club being set up in the new year. For more info visit Platoon Britannica and the regional forums section of the site.

Old Glory Word Wargames show – October 2009

SI had a good size demo table and it was great fun meeting all the folk who came over to have a look at the dipping/washing demo and those who had a go at painting a base using the step-by-step guides. The organisers seemed happy with us as well, so we’ll probably be back next year!

UK Golden Demon 2009 – September 2009

Read about our meetup

I.M.P 09 (Irregular Miniature Paintfest) – August 2009

Read all about the event.

Platoon Britannica – June 2009

Read all about the weekend.

Warrior Bazaar in Bolton – April 2009

We had a display table AND a painting workshop area, where people could come, sit, chat and have a paint. Approx 12 kids painted, many of them more than one model. We provided models, paints and brushes and we donated some models by the event organisers so we can do the same another time. If you check out the difference between this display table and the one we had at Crewe in Feb, you’ll see we’ve learnt how to do it better!

Our display table
Our display table – taken by Alex Garbett

Forge World Open Day at Lenton -April 2009

A bit of a disappointment really, as this was not as good as the Design Studio open day, but the group that went and queued and queued had a good laugh, meeting up with Krazy Doug and co from Swansea, Adam Balai, and some of the nice folks from Platoon Britannica (including Ben who won 2 Demons last year and had his models on show in the gallery), as well as buying some resin.

Traditional group shot at FW open day
Traditional group shot at FW open day – taken by the nice man who was nearby at the time

Triples in Sheffield-April 2009

A small crowd of us turned up to go shopping at the biggest gaming event in Sheffield. Paul travelled down from Newcastle, and Nick turned up wearing his brand new Splat t-shirt.
No photos were taken because we were too busy playing Hail Caesar, looking at scratch built pirate ships, and Iron Bru powered rats, as well as spending too much money. It was a fun day.

South Cheshire Militaire at Crewe – Feb 2009

A pimped out minibus took a bunch of us down to Crewe where we bought lots of plinths, looked at lots of lovely models, took part in the painting competition and had our own display table.

Setting up our display stand
Setting up our display stand taken by Alex Garbett
Traditional group shot taken by Tom
Traditional group shot taken by Tom McCart

Games Workshop Design Studio Open Day – Feb 2009

Irregulars from Sheffield, Nottingham and  Newcastle turned up for this event, we also met up with Platoon Britannica members, looked at pretty models, nice artwork, chatted to the Perry Twins, bugged the EM team and in one case abused the White Dwarf team.

One of John Blanches models shot taken by Becky
One of John Blanche’s models shot taken by Becky
Tradition Group Shot taken by the nice chap we accosted
Tradition Group Shot taken by the nice chap we accosted

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