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A gift for you

December 23, 2010

At this festive time of year, with it’s tradition of gift giving we’ve got something special for you all.

15% discount at our store!



Witches, pumpkins and spooks – oh my!

October 30, 2010

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought what better time to round up some of the best creepy miniatures out there.

Halloween by fabbio on Flickr used with a Creative Commons license


Review: Cirae

October 18, 2010

You may remember a little while back we featured a video from Random Geek Moments talking about brushes, well here’s a review by the same guy on Cirae from JoeK miniatures. (more…)

Where to get 40K terrain?

July 17, 2010

Photo by Shane McElligott

This question was asked by Stuart recently on our Facebook group page, and basically, as long as you have the internet and a credit card, you can get terrain from anywhere. Here is a short list of places I know about, or found whilst trying to help Stuart out. Please add any you recommend in the comments.

Some of this terrain could be used for more than just 40K wargames though, and most of the manufacturers have a wider range of products to suit a number of different genres.


Free shipping on June 21st

June 17, 2010

If you’re buying something from our t-shirt store on June 21st you can get free shipping if you use the offer code: TDAY2010 (if this doesn’t work, try: T-DAY2010).

Prices start from as little as £8.90 for a quality tee that will last. Remember, we take no money from these sales, so prices are as low as we can get them.

Logo Tee £10.90

Remeber this offer is a limited, ONE DAY ONLY offer for International T-shirt Day on June 21st 2010.


Getting to the bottom of it: Brilliant bases

January 2, 2010

A good base finishes off a model properly, and consistent bases tie a squad or unit together.

Black Templars by Jonathan Shaw

Too many people forget about bases, not even thinking about them till the minis are painted – and then resort to something simple like sand or flock. There’s nothing wrong with this, at least the minis are based – but a little creativity will make your minis stand out on the gaming table. Applying the same thought, care and attention to detail that you do with painting, to the base will take your minis to a new level.


12 days of Christmas

December 23, 2009

It’s nearly Christmas, and if you’re not in a festive spirit already, then maybe we can cheer you up – that or send round 3 ghosts tomorrow night to change your mind.

What better than a quick run down of what we’d all love to get in our stockings on Friday morning, including some of the exciting releases of 2009, and some classics as well.

Happy Christmas Everybody by allerleirau on Flickr

Click on each of the images to find out more…now start singing along!

On the 12th day of Christmas Santa gave to me…


Gladiators ready….?

December 15, 2009

SI member Klaus Teschner, is the man behind Brutal, the new post apocalyptic gladiatorial combat board game.

The minis have been sculpted by Aragorn Marks and look pretty mean – perfect for the game, and you can buy them directly from the Dark Art Miniatures website, as well as from other suppliers (like CMoN).


Undead wallpaper

December 6, 2009

Issue 3 of Irregular magazine (due out in January) is a undead special, which inspired artist Ricardo Guimaraes to produce a rather special cover.

He’s also been nice enough to make us another wallpaper, hopefully this will wet your appetite for the new issue.


Discount offer extended

November 22, 2009

The 15% discount offer at the Sheffield Irregulars merchandise store has been extended till November 29th by the nice people at Spreadshirt.

Discount code is: NOVEMBERSALE.

Find out more about the store and the offer in our earlier post.