Irregular Magazine

Issue 7 out now!

Frontiers issue featuring an interview with Alessio Cavatore plus an tutorial from David Heathfield – Cloth and zenithal lighting.

Free Wallpaper for Issue 7

Why not download the new  Free desktop wallpaper showing some of the magazine’s cover image, but artist Diego Gisbert Llorens. Enjoy!

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What is Irregular Magazine?

A quarterly, online magazine made by the hobby community with no advertisements. It’s completely FREE and with approx 5000 readers it’s also rather popular.

Each issue we’re getting bigger and better – and it’s your feedback that’s helping us.

Want to contribute?

Issue 8 is due out in April 2011 (it’s quarterly remember!), so if you are interested in writing something for it – please get in touch.

The magazine website has an easy to read guide for creating content.

Send any questions or content to:

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