How to take part

Taking part in a painting challenge is easy.

When the challenge theme has been set, you just have to follow the theme rules and paint during the challenge.

Step 1: Find a model that is suitable for the theme.

For example, if the theme is “Flesh”, an amour clad model with no skin showing is not the best choice, whereas  a semi-nude mini would be more appropriate 😉

Step 2: Prep your model and start painting.

Don’t forget to take some WIP shots along the way and share them with the group.

Step 3: When you’re finished, post a link to a photo of your entry, along with a title and comment on the Entries post on this site

This way they are easy to find, and it’s also nice if you write something about the model and your experience as well.

Step 4: When the deadline is up a Voting post will be created on this site, with links to a form for members to score each entry anonymously

Obviously you will have finished before the deadline!

Step 5: Score each entry and provide friendly, helpful comments – anonymously.

Find out how the voting process works.


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