How to vote for the Merit Award

Voting  is easy.

Even if you haven’t taken part in the painting challenge you can still vote – and we’d really like it if you did.

Step 1:

Look at all the entry photos, these are each labelled with a letter very clearly in one of the top corners.

Step 2:

Click the link to the voting form.

Step 3:

Make sure you’ve read what the THEME is for this challenge, as you need to vote for how well each entry fits the theme, as well as voting for style

Step 4:

Complete the form by selecting a radio button with the score you’d like to give each entry. Each entry is titled on the form – but these titles are merely descriptive, and are not necessarily titles given by the entrants. (You are not judging the titles!)

You are also asked to include your full name on the form. Although your votes remain anonymous, this helps track who has voted and makes it easier to resolve any mistakes (it happens sometimes).

When voting for your own entry use the ‘My Entry’ option instead of giving a score!

Step 5:

With the form complete, press the submit button and the data will be sent via the magic of Google Docs to a spreadsheet where the scores will be later tallied.  Now confirm your vote by adding an “I’ve voted” message as a comment on this site. If you do not confirm your vote it will not be counted – so this bit is very important.

That’s all you need to do – pretty simple really.

Voting is usually open for 1 week, at the end of which the scores are calculated. First the scores for Theme are totalled, and then added to the total scores for Style for each entry (giving a maximum of 20 points). This is then divided by the number of voters to create an average score.

The entry with the highest average total score will recieve the Merit Award trophy – as sponsored by Jonathan Shaw of BMF Painting.

All the scores will be displayed, along with helpful and friendly comments left on the form right here on the blog.

Find out about more about the Merit Award.

See an example of feedback for a challenge.

See an example of results for a challenge.


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