What is the Merit Award?

The Merit Award is sent to the person who got the highest overall score for a painting challenge (each month).

Not so much a prize, but recognition for the hard work and effort put in.

The  award is a resin trophy – which will be posted to the winner.

For each challenge we ask members to score each entry on Theme and Style, so that each entrant is given critique.
This means the highest scorer is not necessarily the best painted entry – as interpretation of theme is very important.

For example if the theme was weathering, a really nicely painted entry with no weathering should not win. An entry that appears to have a number of different weathering techniques used on it in appropriate locations could end up with a better score.

If you receive a Merit Award you may be asked to write a short piece on how you painted you entry to share with the group (hence the WIP request). This is optional – but it would be preferred, even without the WIPS, we could all learn from it.


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