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Le Zharregular Progress 5

February 6, 2010

The Bretonnian Connection

Bienvenue mes chers, c’est Vanvlak avec l’edition numero 5 de Zharregular Progress and the first English-French edition (wait until I get a craze for dogs of war!). The progress of my poor Nains de Chaos has been stopped by the wrong and businessy end of a lance. After years of futile searching (well, an hour or so) I dug up an online forum for Maltese Warhammer players, and found a few old friends there. I also spent the odd quarter of an hour trying to discover which of my Warhammer army books (it’s a very warhammery club) is still up to date: the only three are Wood Elves, Bretonnians and Khemri.  So it seems I’ll be building a Bretonnian army.


Zharregular Progress 4

January 21, 2010

A troll named Douglas

Hi all, Vanvlak calling.  Today I will try to conclude the list of tasks I started last report: this was the to-do list leading up to the start of work on the models themselves. This is slightly anachronistic, as I have already started work on a couple of the small ones with big hats, but real army-painting production scale work has not yet started.


Zharregular Progress 3

January 7, 2010

A Grand Hegemony with Pyramids and a Berserker

Hi all, Vanvlak here again with instalment no. 3 of my quest for a Chaos Dwarf army. It is now high time to take stock of the models I have available, and start working on army selection. With this aim in mind I should:

  1. decide which army list from the three available (see Zharregulars #2) to use
  2. check which models I have available and which to buy
  3. select a theme
  4. compile an army list
  5. start painting

In practice, this will not work out, and I will pedantically (go on, make a coffee and take a seat) explain why, point by point.

Chaos Bighat Dwarf no.1.


Zharregular Progress 2

December 30, 2009

We three lists from Zharr-Naggrund are or Mad Hats and Bunticores

Hi, Vanvlak here (one day I have to explain why I use this appellative on modeling-related internet shindigs) from Malta.

For those of you less prone to geography, Malta is the largest of a small collection of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean; and Zharr Naggrund is a Chaos Dwarf Citadel in a dusty region of the Warhammer world. The latter has been blessed with three compilations of unit types within my span of wargaming years (i.e. since April 1994).

The first I encountered was the Chaos Dwarf Warhammer supplement based on White Dwarf articles. This was of course the Famous Big Book of Big Hats (no, the Mad Hatter does not come into this – well, no, to be perfectly honest he does, but that comes later).

In later years and an edition or two of Warhammer down the road, the Ravening Hordes booklet appeared with proviso army lists for all races. The CDs were included right at the very end – huzzah nonetheless. And then the snaggletooths vanished. Gone were the big hats, gone too were the blunderbusses.

In spite of a cameo in the Storm of Chaos Campaign many summers past, our little chaotic friends still have no current army book. Their mighty legions of fans came to the rescue in the end, and an up-to-date if unofficial army book lives in virtual form online.


Zharregular Progress 1

December 27, 2009

Meet Vanvlak, he’ll be blogging about his latest army:

One of the great unresolved and irresolvable questions in history is whether my first Chaos Dwarf model was a Lammasu or an Earthshaker. Whichever of these came first it was my wife who had bought it for me 🙂 Following her exemplary lead I added a few Chaos Dwarf warriors and a few Blunderbusses and (huzzah!) Sneaky Gits!

Dice by jaxpix on Flickr