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Announcing the Golden Imp Awards

July 21, 2009

I.M.P (Irregular Miniature Paintfest) is the very first Sheffield Irregulars hosted event.

Taking place on Saturday August 29th at Patriot Games in Sheffield, it gives group members and other painters an opportunity to meet up, chat, look at models, take part in workshops, demos and speed painting – and enter the Golden Imp Awards.


Bazaar in Bolton

April 10, 2009

Warrior Bazaar Wargames show in Bolton Sunday 26th April.

We’ll be there – will you?

We’ve just been informed that we can have a display table! (Thanks Paul Reid!) And we’re also going to be running a painting table, so anyone can wander over, take a seat and do some painting.
So if you’re already Irregular, bring some models with you to put on display – and if you’re not, why not bring something to paint? We’d love to see you at any rate.

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