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Alien Skin – the results

July 5, 2010

And the results are in… it was a very close contest this time around, with our Alien Skin themed entries.

One again, only three members got their entries finished in time – can we get more people entering in July?

We ask our members to score each entry out of 10 for how well it suits the theme: Alien Skin, and then out of 10 for style – giving a maximum 20 points.

The scores are added for each entry and then divided by the number of voters to create an average score out of 20.


Alien Skin – the feedback

July 5, 2010

Thank you all for commenting and scoring the entries for the June painting challenge: Alien Skin.
The voting is anonymous, but we always ask for friendly, helpful comments to provide feedback for the members who took the time to enter.

We run a strict ‘no meanness’ policy, so you won’t ever get hurtful comments – if you’ve taken the time and effort to paint something, we believe you should be given some respect it.


Alien Skin – the vote

June 28, 2010

Three entries for this month’s painting challenge: Alien Skin, one Ork and two Tau entries.

It’s great to see different models and styles, as well as new ideas and approaches.

Remember, you can paint miniatures from ANY manufacturer for our challenges. There really is no limit!

Please look at each entry carefully, then use our voting form to score each entry:

  • Out of 10 for how it meets the theme: Alien Skin
  • Out of 10 for style

Then leave some friendly, helpful comments – with only 3 entries this isn’t going to take you too long, so give it a go!

Remember, if you entered, then you must vote!


Alien Skin – the entries

June 21, 2010

Photo by Nanynany on Flickr used with Creative Commons license

The June painting challenge theme is: Alien Skin.

If you’ve finished your entry, please post a comment below including:

Can you describe Rackham style?

May 5, 2009

We posed this question to the patrons of the CoolMiniOrNot forums and these are some of the responses we got:

something that springs straight to mind is nmm, last time i visited their site all the models had very good nmm.
diddy lemon 1


What is Rackham style?

May 4, 2009

Further to our early announcement of the June painting challenge, we’ve been asking people what they think Rackham style is.



May 3, 2009

Yes, I know May has only just started – but I’m announcing what the June painting challenge is going to be early, so that everyone has time to get hold of a model!

The June (as in June 1st start date) painting challenge will be to paint a Rackham miniature, theme will be “spirit of Rackham style”.

Rackham – makers of the beautiful confrontation minis (among many) has suffered and fallen heavily to the financial crisis and has destroyed the moulds to it’s metal miniatures. They may still continue their pre-painted plastics, but I’m not 100% on that.

But before they disappear forever, and to prevent folks from saying “I never got a chance to paint a Rackham mini” we thought it was a good time to give you all the opportunity.