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That’s all folks…

December 21, 2009

…for painting sessions in 2009 that is!

Emily's gingerbread man by kevandem on Flickr

The last one was held yesterday, and it was a quiet affair – but fuelled with cakes, chocolates, crisps and gingerbread santas! Yup, if you weren’t there you missed out. We also got to watch the snow falling through the window, and melting on Isaac’s hair.

We’ll see you in the new year, back at Patriot Games starting on Sunday¬† January 10th.

A bit of a party

December 15, 2009

Sunday 20th is the last painting session of the year so we’re thinking it’s the perfect excuse to bring some extra goodies of the edible variety along to share.

If you’re coming to Patriot Games this weekend, make sure you have your brushes and we’d love to see you.

Yorkshire Painters meetup

November 28, 2009

Tomorrow (Sunday 29th) there is no painting session at Patriot Games in Sheffield – instead we’re off to Leeds to the Owls club in Headingly.

Platoon Britannica members in Yorkshire have organised a meet up and painting session for local painters/PB members. The Sheffield Irregulars are travelling over in style in the Pimp Mobile minibus and looking forward to meeting up with some new faces, and saying hello to some friends.

Should be fun, hope you can join us.

We’ll be back at Patriot Games for the usual 11 – 16:00 session next Sunday, 6th December.