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December 22, 2009

Ever fancied having a go at sculpting and wanted someone to show you how? Already confident with the putty, but want to learn more?

Griffin by Natasha-d on Flickr

James (known as Cybersquig on numerous painting forums), over at Griffin Guides is running a Sculpt-a-long via his website, for people of all skills levels to join in, have fun and learn more about sculpting mini figures. There are already 3 articles on getting prepared, including what tools you’ll need.


Really useful sculpting resources

July 11, 2009

Interested in sculpting your own miniatures, or customising your models?

We’ve put together six really useful resources to help you out – and what a list it’s turned out to be!

1. From the Knife’s Edge

54mm Virgin Mary Statue sculpted by James

From the Knife’s Edge is sculptor James Van Shaik’s blog – a site you’ll probably want to bookmark.


What you need to sculpt miniatures

June 23, 2009

Storm the castle has a great guide to get you ready to sculpt your own miniatures. This brief tutorial covers the materials and tools you need to get started and then links in to a series of tutorials on how to sculpt a fantasy figure.

Good stuff – and lots of other useful tutorials on their website – definitely one to bookmark.

What you need to sculpt miniatures.