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Basic Terrain: Easy Hills

April 4, 2010

Ok so this quick guide is to get you started off with some simple hills for your table. I make these as they are good for blocking lines of fire across the tabletop and you can choose whether or not you wish to make them passable terrain or not by a couple of simple tweaks while you build them.

Basic Terrain: Introduction

March 9, 2010

A while ago, I volunteered to write a few articles about making your own terrain for your gaming table. I’ve been a little busy with some things recently (damn you real life!!), but have managed to clear my schedule so I can start getting these articles written.

Over the coming weeks and months, I will be publishing an irregular series of guides, showing you how to make different terrain pieces for your games. These will range from some basic hills through to creating road and river sections (and a whole lot more inbetween).


Realistic snow and ice effects

October 20, 2009

As our October painting challenge, Winter’s touch draws to a close this week (deadline is Sunday Oct 25th), we thought it was time to showcase some of the amazing snow and ice effects SI members have discovered over the past month or so.


Georges snow effect

George's snow effect

First up, George Perkins recommends this formula:

For Snow a mix of filler, PVA and water to make a paste( with a small spot of blue paint). Apply this mix to the base where you want snow. Then sprinkle with baking soda shaking off the extra that didnt stick. Leave for 24 hrs to dry then brush off any other baking soda that got in the wrong place.


Build your own paint station

July 23, 2009

Alex Good has posted another fantastic step by step tutorial on his website – but this time it’s not about painting minis, it’s how to construct your own paint station.
At some point every painter has suffered from inadequate storage solutions, and knows the pain of not being able to find the right pot of paint quickly.


What you need to sculpt miniatures

June 23, 2009

Storm the castle has a great guide to get you ready to sculpt your own miniatures. This brief tutorial covers the materials and tools you need to get started and then links in to a series of tutorials on how to sculpt a fantasy figure.

Good stuff – and lots of other useful tutorials on their website – definitely one to bookmark.

What you need to sculpt miniatures.

Warmaster Painting Guide

June 23, 2009

Stephen Hess gives a detailed – but speedy guide to painting the rather small – but beautifully formed, Warmaster models. Starting with prepping and finishing with a cheat technique for black lining – this is a nice easy tutorial if you have a small army you need to get painted fast.

Warmaster Painting Guide.

Basic shading and highlighting

June 7, 2009

Alex Riley shows how he does basic shading and highlighting in this video.