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Workshops at Derby World Wargames

October 3, 2010

This weekend we were in Derby, at the Old Glory World Wargames show held at the University of Derby.

With over 60 traders, tournaments, demonstration games and participation games this is a fun packed event for gamers of all ages. On the Sheffield Irregulars stand this year we were offering free basing workshops – urban rubble, woodland flowers and blood and gore effects.

Each of these bases could be made with a few simple materials in just a couple of minutes, and they proved popular with young and old a like all weekend long. The show judges approved as well, and we won the prize for best participation display!

Sheffield Irregulars stand


Getting to the bottom of it: Brilliant bases

January 2, 2010

A good base finishes off a model properly, and consistent bases tie a squad or unit together.

Black Templars by Jonathan Shaw

Too many people forget about bases, not even thinking about them till the minis are painted – and then resort to something simple like sand or flock. There’s nothing wrong with this, at least the minis are based – but a little creativity will make your minis stand out on the gaming table. Applying the same thought, care and attention to detail that you do with painting, to the base will take your minis to a new level.


Really useful sculpting resources

July 11, 2009

Interested in sculpting your own miniatures, or customising your models?

We’ve put together six really useful resources to help you out – and what a list it’s turned out to be!

1. From the Knife’s Edge

54mm Virgin Mary Statue sculpted by James

From the Knife’s Edge is sculptor James Van Shaik’s blog – a site you’ll probably want to bookmark.