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A winner for weathering

May 3, 2009

The votes have been counted both here and on the Facebook voting event and it was a good turn out for voters this month – thank you all for taking the time to look at the entries and leave your feedback.

Comments were once again really good on the Facebook event, and thin on the ground on this site – but many thanks to those who did make the effort, it really does make a difference to those who take part.

It was a very close race this time around, with not much separating the top 3, so without futher ado:



Time to vote for the weathering challenge entries

April 27, 2009

A good turn out for the April painting challenge. The theme was quite particular this month:Weathering, which has brought out the rust, mud, decay and damage that you would expect.

If you’ve already voted on Facebook – please don’t vote here as well!

Please take a look through the 9 entries and decide which one you think has the BEST USE OF WEATHERING and deserves to win the Merit Award.

Entry A - cyclops bust

Entry A - cyclops bust


Glorious mud

April 25, 2009

Mud has been a popular weathering effect in the April challenge entries.
Here’s how Konrad Sontag achieved his mud effects. (Photos coming soon when the voting starts).

I started out making the mud on the bottom by diluting elmer’s glue with water and mixing in brown pigment. It makes a real clumpy mud feel, when it dries it looks just like dry mud, when it’s wet it looks like wet mud. Once it dries you can apply gloss varnish to return it to looking wet.

The best kind of weather…

April 24, 2009

Members have been beavering away this month on their April Painting Challenge entries. The theme being weathering.

Photo’s will appear next week when the voting starts, but here’s how Alex Riley weathered his metal:

Started with a boltgun metal basecoat, then after this dried painted the whole surface with bestiel brown, then after it had dried slightly i used a sponge to take most of the paint off. I then repeated this. After that I took the sponge (gw blister foam) and randomly dabbed mithril silver over the highest areas. Repeat the bestiel/foam method and when it all looks faily like beaten copper you have the effect. After this if there are any dents/cuts in the metal underline the cut with pure mithril silver.

More tips on how other members painted their entries coming soon…

April challenge theme set

March 25, 2009

The results are in and we have a winner, so in reverse order the results of the voting for the April painting challenge theme are:

  • Making the most of cloth – 3 votes
  • Diseased – 9 votes
  • Monochrome (black and white only) – 10 votes
  • Weathering – 16 votes

So the painting challenge for April will be weathering.

Thanks for voting!


April is just around the corner…

March 19, 2009

…so it’s time to decide what next month’s painting challenge should be.

*Edit 25th March * Poll now closed - thanks for voting! Find out the winning theme.

Please don’t vote here AND on Facebook!

Voting will be open until Wednesday 25th March when the chosen theme will be announced.

PS. Yes, we know monochrome means single colour, but the option is for black and white only in this instance. 🙂