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Issue 3 / Winter ’10

January 10, 2010

It’s been a very busy week for the Irregular Magazine team – the new issue is out now.

At 106 pages, it’s the biggest issue to date – and that includes a free campaign supplement, ‘The Living Dead” by Taylor Holloway at the back.


Realistic snow and ice effects

October 20, 2009

As our October painting challenge, Winter’s touch draws to a close this week (deadline is Sunday Oct 25th), we thought it was time to showcase some of the amazing snow and ice effects SI members have discovered over the past month or so.


Georges snow effect

George's snow effect

First up, George Perkins recommends this formula:

For Snow a mix of filler, PVA and water to make a paste( with a small spot of blue paint). Apply this mix to the base where you want snow. Then sprinkle with baking soda shaking off the extra that didnt stick. Leave for 24 hrs to dry then brush off any other baking soda that got in the wrong place.