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Feedback for the Oct painting challenge

October 31, 2009

The voting has closed. I think we have a record number of voters this month. Huge thanks to all those who took the time to vote and comment.

The October challenge theme was: Winter’s Touch, so snow was a common feature on many of the entries.

We had a few first time challengers this month – it’s always good to see new members taking part. I hope you all enjoyed it!

The results of how each entry fared on theme and style – as well as how it ranked overall will be posted later this evening.


Painting Penguins

October 31, 2009

Irregular Magazine editor, Nick Johnson entered a pair of penguin models into the October painting challenge (Winter’s Touch)- proving that SI has more than just Games Workshop painters in it’s midst.

Nick shares some info on the hows and why’s of painting penguins.

I hadn’t really been intending on doing an entry for Winter’s Touch. While I had a Khador Manhunter that I’d considered doing, he wasn’t really grabbing my imagination. After about a week, someone reminded me of the blister of Frisky Penguins I had from the Copplestone Castings High Adventure range.

Some frantic searching (and tidying of my flat) later, I found the penguins with less than a week to go to the conclusion of the challenge. Given the variety of poses in the pack, I knew I wanted to use a couple of them on one base. Some dry-fitting of poses later, I’d worked out how to pose ’em – one stood on higher ground, looking at the stars, while a second (probably bored) penguin had decided to start sliding down the hill.


Realistic snow and ice effects

October 20, 2009

As our October painting challenge, Winter’s touch draws to a close this week (deadline is Sunday Oct 25th), we thought it was time to showcase some of the amazing snow and ice effects SI members have discovered over the past month or so.


Georges snow effect

George's snow effect

First up, George Perkins recommends this formula:

For Snow a mix of filler, PVA and water to make a paste( with a small spot of blue paint). Apply this mix to the base where you want snow. Then sprinkle with baking soda shaking off the extra that didnt stick. Leave for 24 hrs to dry then brush off any other baking soda that got in the wrong place.


October painting challenge

September 30, 2009

The theme for the October challenge is: Winter’s touch

This challenge starts on Thursday Oct 1st and ends on Sunday Oct 25th, which should be plenty of time. Those of you who followed our vote for the Sept – Nov challenges in August should be well prepared and ready to get stuck in.

We will be voting for the Dec – March themes in the next few weeks – so keep and eye out.

Anyway, back to Winter’s touch, there are no restrictions on this challenge – just meet the theme. This means any model, any scale – you just need to paint it during October 09.