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Wounded painting challenge: Results

January 22, 2011

Despite there only being two entries for the Wounded painting challenge (yes, we’ll keep rubbing it in), the scores were actually fairly close.

Find out who will be receiving the Merit Award for Dec/Jan below.



Wounded painting challenge: voting

January 10, 2011

Sadly there were only two entries for the Dec/Jan painting challenge: Wounded. Clearly you were all distracted over the holidays by other things!

The two entries we have are real crackers though, I think they’ve both nailed the theme – but what do you think?


December painting challenge: Wounded

December 4, 2010

The theme for the December painting challenge is: Wounded

The deadline will be: Sunday 9th January

The extended deadline means there’s plenty of time to fit your entry in amongst the festivities.

An injured Kagami by kodomut on Flickr used with Creative Commons license